About Us

QikGrub was founded with a definitive mission to provide a growth platform to empower and enable the hard-working and motivated individuals (and companies). They are assured of greater visibility and expanded reach through us and we help them become part of the larger economy. Our first product QikGrub was created with an intention to help both customers and vendors to have access to speciality foods with minimal infrastructure for the vendors so they can focus on their skills of making great food and leaving the rest to us.

Wait no more! - Download our app and see a variety of food vendors around you on a map. No more worrying about using a Credit Card, carrying Cash OR exact change even at small vendors.

Get a glimpse of our simple app that streamlines the entire Order taking and Transaction processes. Our app drastically reduces face-to-face time between the customers and the vendors which is mostly waiting in line followed by ordering and then waiting again for food to be prepared and packed